ANY SIZE DOG! This toy was originally designed for medium to large dogs, but we have had many smaller dogs, and even puppies really enjoy the toy without any water being added. The ball only weighs around 1 pound empty compared to around 20 pounds when full of water. We also believe this would be a great exercise tool for several types of zoo animals.
  • 4 inch Ball/ 6 inch Small Pin - Dogs 1-10 lbs
  • 7 inch ball/ 12 inch Medium Pin - Dogs 11-29lbs
  • 10 inch ball/ 16 inch Large Pin - Dogs 30 +
  • DURABLE – no more money wasted on toys that are chewed up in 5 min. Not a single prototype has been destroyed.
  • UNIQUE – This product is the first we have seen of this kind. Not only can you fill TUGGO with water, by you can leave it empty and take to the lake or pool!
  • TUG-OF-WAR – Rope can be pulled from either side, which is great for single or multiple dogs. The weight of the ball provides the tension for the dogs to engage with.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – You can add up to 20 lbs. of resistance to exercise your dog. The weight can vary depending on how much water you want to add!


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